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US-H1192-H: Low-torque centralizer patent, US-8533667-B2: Call wizard for information management system (IMS) applications patent, US-8535622-B2: Sperm separation system patent, US-8546549-B2: Processes for the convergent synthesis of calicheamicin derivatives patent, US-8579486-B2: Vehicular headlamp apparatus including a semiconductor light-emitting element and a reflector patent, US-8586216-B2: Ferromagnetic laminated structure and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-8596028-B2: Method and machine for producing reclosable packages patent, US-8596090-B1: Jewellery article with magnetic elements patent, US-8614680-B2: Touch substrate and touch display panel patent, WO-2007008500-A3: Discount applications with registered payment instruments patent, US-8620515-B2: Intelligent fleet management system and method patent, US-8648039-B2: Use of alpha-lactalbumin for regulations of glycemia patent, US-8656796-B2: Operating element movable back and forth by traction elements wound in opposite directions on winding bodies patent, US-8662935-B2: Miniature receptacle terminals patent, US-8708590-B2: System and method for printing and cutting patent, US-8720620-B1: Fuel cell powered vehicle that generates purified hydrogen gas on-demand from traditional liquid fuels patent, US-8732540-B2: Semiconductor device having input/output wrappers, and a method of controlling the wrappers patent, US-8733768-B1: Race car four link bar to chassis remotely adjustable brackets patent, US-8771490-B2: Electrochemical sensor patent, US-8773643-B2: Apparatus and method for sensing distance patent, US-8794010-B2: Laser cooling of modified SOI wafer patent, US-8811721-B2: Three-dimensional ultrasonic inspection apparatus patent, US-8818193-B2: Multichannel tunable optical dispersion compensator patent, US-8893919-B2: Storage box patent, US-8897436-B2: Method and apparatus for providing emergency ring tones for urgent calls patent, US-8966083-B2: Management of a communication in a heterogeneous network patent, US-8976685-B1: Dynamic priority in wireless mobile communication system patent, US-9028749-B2: Apparatus and method for decontaminating and sterilizing chemical and biological agent patent, US-9048438-B2: Tetraazaperopyrene compounds and their use as n-type semiconductors patent, US-9048980-B2: RF carrier synchronization and phase alignment methods and systems patent, US-9056462-B2: Ink jet printing method and printer patent, US-9067908-B2: Polyphenolic bioprecursors patent, US-9098765-B2: Systems and methods for capturing and storing image data from a negotiable instrument patent, US-9144288-B2: Cosmetic fluid dispenser with container controlled wand positioning patent, US-9148008-B2: Over current protection apparatus patent, US-9168663-B2: Blade bushing for rotary knife patent, US-9175462-B2: System for delivering chemicals to a toilet bowl patent, US-9194281-B2: Internal combustion engine with a cylinder head having an integrated drainage channel and method for producing the internal combustion patent, US-9202454-B2: Method and apparatus for audio encoding for noise reduction patent, US-9203936-B2: Method and apparatus for initiating communication sessions patent, US-9219842-B1: System and method of providing sideband advertising patent, US-9224012-B2: Debug functionality in a secure computing environment patent, US-9255947-B2: Sensor circuit patent, US-9256589-B2: Web-based spreadsheet interaction with large data set patent, US-9257312-B2: Metal oxide thin film substrate, method of fabricating the same, photovoltaic cell and OLED including the same patent, US-9264645-B2: Optical sensor apparatus patent, US-9269189-B1: Conversion of T-spline models to trim-free T-spline models: functional case patent, US-9299413-B1: Semiconductor systems patent, US-9306945-B2: Client authentication during network boot patent, US-9308184-B2: Powder composition for disinfection of the teats of dairy animals patent, US-9310974-B1: Zoom-based interface navigation patent, US-9311453-B2: Utilizing time-to-positivity to generate treatment recommendations patent, US-9326324-B2: Heat generating element patent, US-9333612-B2: Tool sharpener with adjustable support guide patent, US-9336222-B2: Creation and access of quota trees in a file system patent, US-9337767-B2: Single bus star connected reluctance drive and method patent, US-9362256-B2: Bonding process for a chip bonding to a thin film substrate patent, US-9379959-B1: System and method for verifying the functionality of network paths patent, US-9388964-B2: Illumination device and display device equipped with same patent, US-9403097-B2: Server device and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing game program patent, US-9436048-B2: Display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-9441445-B1: Dual rubber cartridge patent, US-9494204-B2: Controller for vehicle transmission patent, US-9539022-B2: Matter conveyance system patent, US-9564481-B2: Fully-printed carbon nanotube thin film transistor circuits for organic light emitting diode patent, US-9635324-B2: Integrated coax/ethernet distribution system patent, US-9652845-B2: Surgical assistance planning method using lung motion analysis patent, US-9654635-B1: Call initiated service session patent, US-9673287-B2: Reliable and robust electrical contact patent, US-9696127-B2: Method and system for detecting improvised explosive devices or the like patent, US-9698701-B2: Power module packaging structure and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9707855-B1: Battery overcurrent diagnostic system patent, US-9712181-B1: Incremental preloading in an analog-to-digital converter patent, US-9752586-B2: Linear engine for compressor and compressor provided with a linear engine patent, US-9752656-B2: Transmission for vehicle patent, US-9760088-B2: Method for cooperatively deploying robots and cooperative system of robots patent, US-9765357-B2: Thrips resistant cabbage patent, US-9835431-B1: Apparatus and methods for gauging parts patent, US-9848495-B2: Impermeable protective coatings through which electrical connections may be established and electronic devices including the impermeable protective coatings patent, US-9861472-B2: Intraocular lens insertion device and intraocular lens insertion system patent, US-9867293-B1: Method and system of controlling alloy composition during electroplating patent, US-RE29578-E: Electron tunneling device patent, US-RE29794-E: Method of producing web units patent, US-RE36670-E: Flat panel display attribute generator patent, US-RE38043-E: Lead frame patent, US-8515269-B2: Towable directed-view underwater camera carrier patent, US-8528624-B2: Mould and a method of composite casting of a one piece cast tool patent, US-8540819-B2: Ceramic heater patent, US-8551442-B2: Reactor for synthesizing hydrogen sulfide, apparatus for producing hydrogen sulfide, apparatus for producing sodium hydrogen sulfide, method for producing hydrogen sulfide, and method for producing sodium hydrogen sulfide patent, US-8596831-B2: Light beam controlling member and optical device including light beam controlling member patent, US-8629728-B2: VCO control circuit and method thereof, fast locking PLL and method for fast locking PLL patent, US-8650422-B1: Time adjustment for implementation of low power state patent, US-8658489-B2: Method for dual work function metal gate CMOS with selective capping patent, US-8661652-B1: RFID tag assembly methods patent, US-8676311-B2: Memory device associated with defibrillation electrodes patent, US-8676534-B2: Method for determining the rotation speed of a supercharger in an internal combustion engine patent, US-8696412-B2: Polishing instrument for optical components patent, US-8699714-B2: Distributed PUF patent, US-8705369-B2: Routing cost normalizing patent, US-8747626-B2: Method of generating high purity bismuth oxide patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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